Zircon Translucent Multi

High-Strenght Zirconia Milling Blanks with Smooth Color Gradation

The ZTM milling blanks with the perfect balance of high strength and translucency.

Due to the high flexural strength, they are excellent for the fabrication of long-span constructions. The translucency is very high in the incisal area and decreases steadily in the dentin area. This gives you the flexibility to fabricate highly esthetic, monolithic restorations. The perfect matching of the individual main layers in terms of chemistry and grain size ensures homogeneous and continuous diffusion in the four transition layers. For a natural appearance with smooth color Transition.

  • Flexural strength > 1250 MP
  • less graying in case of color deviations of the tooth stump due to optimal translucency
  • Inhibition of crack growth due to fracture protection factor
  • approved for all dental constructions and bridges up to 14 units
  • smooth color gradation for highly esthetic monolithic constructions
  • 45% translucency
170,00 €
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