LabTec 35 PRO

5-Axis Dental Milling Machine
  • 5-axis dental milling machine with 12-place loader
  • 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • revolutionary basic structure made of polymer concrete
  • absolute measuring systems in all axes
  • new highly dynamic servo drives for up to 20% faster processing
  • wet and dry machining integrated
  • zero point clamping system integrated
  • Machining of all major dental materials including metal machining
  • Axis approach angle up to 30
  • 20-fold tool changer
  • HF spindle with up to 60,000 rpm
  • Control PC with integrated touch screen
  • Servo motor drives in all axes
  • Chip protection of the tool changer


49.950,00 €
excl. 19% VAT ,