Bottle Roller

Bottle Roller for Homogeneous Mixing of 3D Printing Materials

The resins in liquid form consist of different compositions and pigments, which gradually settle. Shaking the materials causes bubbles to form and it is not always guaranteed that all substances have combined perfectly with each other. To mix all components thoroughly the bottle roller is perfect. After mixing, you can pour the material bubble-free into the resin tub of your print.

  • Roll Tilt Mixer
  • BxDxH: 270 x 410 x 100mm
  • 4Kg
  • For 2 x 1Kg bottles of material
  • Turning time adjustable by the minute
  • Turning time up to 6h at a stretch


359,00 €
excl. 19% VAT ,
Manufacturers recommended retail price: 480,00 €
  • Delivery time: 15 - 16 Workdays (Other countries)
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