BISS Dental Software Package

Get the entire BISS Dental Software package for a Special Price. The package includes all available BISS modules and extensions*.

  • BISS Dental Model-Creator
  • BISS Dental Tray-Generator
  • BISS Milling Models
  • BISS Bite Registrations
  • Add-on Module Implantat Model
  • Add-on Module Support Pin Registration
  • Attachment Loader Model-Creator
  • Attachment Loader Tray-Generator

* except for BISS Connect


BISS at a glance:

  • Fast, simple and intuitive
  • Import and export data in STL, OBJ and PLY Formats
  • Allignment freely selectable during Export
  • Workplace independent
  • No license fees
  • Color representation of scans possible


The Model-Creator

The BISS Dental Model Creator takes you from intraoral scan to printable dental model in just 3 minutes.

  • Conversion of scan data into a printable model
  • Choice between different base geometries
  • Define removable stumps and/or segments
  • Implant models and removable gingival masks
  • Milled models
  • Individualization of the model by means of label tags
  • Material-saving printing through hollowing out
  • Fully automatic mode: printable model with one click


Milling Models

With BISS milling models you get to the desired milling model without any plaster at all.

  • Individual design of the milling model base geometry
  • Quick adjustment for height and spacing of stumps
  • Automatic hollowing with drain holes


The Tray-Generator

With the BISS Dental Tray Generator, you can easily create a tray directly from the scan.

  • Individual design of the tray shape and base plate
  • Edit OK and UK at the same time
  • Automatic blocking out through undercut detection
  • Free positioning of holes for implant impressions
  • Blocking out with a wax wall possible
  • Creation of wax walls
  • Individual support pin registrations
  • Positioning and individualization of the handle
  • Construction of own handles directly in the software
  • Mucosal stops
  • Intelligent labeling of the tray
  • Automatic perforation with many setting Options


Bite Registrations

With BISS Bite Registrations, you can design a bite registration or support post registration completely digitally.

  • Individual design of the base plate
  • Edit OK and OK at the same time
  • Automatic blocking out through undercut recognition
  • Quick adjustment of the thickness of the plate
  • Blocking out with a wax rim possible
  • Construct outer wax wall with and without channel
  • Design outer wax wall with grooves
  • Gutter with open ends for free end situations
  • Support pin hole and writing plate possible both in the upper and lower jaw
  • Quick positioning of support pin hole and writing plate


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  • Delivery time: 1 - 2 Workdays (Other countries)

Our End User License Agreements (EULA) apply to the use of BISS. With the purchase you declare that you have taken note of and accept them.

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